On 30 April 2020, at the awards ceremony of the pan-European hackathon #EUvsVirus, Cbrain distinguished itself by its business vision and technological leadership and won the 1st prize in the category “Business Continuity – Value Chains – Logistics” with its project “Deal with aleas, save lives”.

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The European Commission, in collaboration with the European Innovation Council and EU Member States, organised a pan-European hackathon to connect civil society, businesses, partners and investors across Europe to develop innovative solutions to coronavirus challenges.

This European-wide online hackathon is defined as a call to action to take part in the fight against COVID-19. Arguably the largest hackathon ever made, all innovative companies on the European scene were invited to present concrete solutions to the problems caused and raised by this health crisis in the various sectors most impacted: Health/Life, Recovery of Activity / Political and Social Cohesion / Remote Work and Education / Online Finance.

This hackathon brought together more than 21,000 participants for 2,160 projects developed in 48 hours.

To win this hackathon, we created an extension of our product dedicated to the CoVid-19 pandemic, in 48 hours.

The objective was twofold: to better manage the supply chain of basic necessities such as masks or medicines in order to reduce the number of deaths from the pandemic, and to anticipate the major impact that deconfinement will have on logistics at European level to avoid a blockage of the economic recovery

DCbrain was interested in the supply chain and warehouse filling rates, rail and road transport flows, production and delivery points. Thanks to our tool INeS and the expertise of our team, we have submitted a solution to optimize them and prevent hazards such as closing borders and increasing associated transport costs.

We are honoured by this award but above all proud to contribute to the fight against the Covid-19. It is above all the team, its hard work, our AI-based INeS technology, meeting the needs and challenges on the Supply Chain sector, that have enabled us to make a difference. We have submitted an innovative, immediately actionable, scalable and impactful response to enable the Supply Chain sector to cope and rebound during and after the CoVid-19 crisis.

 Supply chains are the backbone of our economy. Yesterday, we all assumed that global supply chains were operating transparently.

Today, we know that is not true. A global health crisis such as CoVid-19 creates uncertainty: borders may close or factories outside Europe may not deliver on time. When such a shock happens, chaos prevails. The provision of surgical masks and other medical supplies are the perfect examples. That is why DCbrain participated in this hackathon, put its know-how at the disposal of the European Commission to hack this problem and propose an innovative solution that allows the Supply Chain sector to restart quickly, under the best possible conditions.

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